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Conical roller bearings and other separable type INA bearing germany can be inspected separately for rolling body and raceway surface. The large bearing cannot be rotated by hand, and attention should be taken to check the appearance of rolling body, raceway, retaining frame and retaining surface, and the importance of bearing should be carefully checked.

INA's manufacturing expertise as well as its know-how in mechatronics, materials and lubricants mean that its is a renowned and reliable brand to industry all over the world. 

INA AXK7095 GERMANY Bearing 17*40*22

724427 1.3125 in
2.6875 in Max 400°

INA AXK7065+LS7095/AXK7095+LS7095 GERMANY Bearing 90*120*4

25 mm 15 kN
Uncoated Not for Ball Screws


8.2500 in 20368 lb
3.5469 in Round

INA AXK4060 GERMANY Bearing 70*95*4 + 70*95*5.25

2.0000 in 1.6875 in
704487 Uncoated

INA AXK360*390*5 GERMANY Bearing 45*65*3

Standard Precision 9.6250 in
0.60 lbs Steel

INA AXK3552 GERMANY Bearing 40x60x3

1.4375 in 3.6250 in
3/4 in 3460 lbf

INA AXK3047+LS3047+AS3047 GERMANY Bearing

Uncoated RBEC 1 (ISO Cla
26 mm (2) Outer

INA AXK3047 GERMANY Bearing 35x52x2

W 044 Steel
N 044 23144 CCK/W33

INA AXK2542 GERMANY Bearing 30*47*2

0.8750 in Steel
Steel 6000 rpm

INA AXK1730 GERMANY Bearing 25*42*2

ASTM B584-78 3 in
3000 psi Maximum of +800